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Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies are not only for same sex couples, they can also be designed for couples with different religious beliefs, or for couples that simply do not wish to marry. To find out more call me now on 0425 774 320 or via to organise your special day.

I am a supporter of same sex marriage, as with hetrosexual couples, marriage should be a natural progression of any relationship. Currently the law of Australia specifies that marriage must be between a man and a woman. This means that same sex couples cannot marry under Australian law. However, there is nothing preventing marriage celebrants conducting a ceremony, such as a commitment ceremony, to publicly celebrate the same sex relationship.

Today many same sex couples fill the need to commit to each other in a similar way to couples being married. A Commitment Ceremony is a way of declaring your heart felt desire to share your life with another, before your family and friends.

This ceremony is similar to a wedding ceremony with a few minor changes, but still incorporating readings, vows, exchange of rings… a unique, sensitive and special ceremony that reflects their commitment to each other.

I am able to offer you a professional, fresh, personal, and relaxed approach to your special day at an affordable price. My commitment to you is to deliver your ceremony in a warm, relaxed and sincere manner. Your special day is important to me.

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